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[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 2 #5

  • Publicado em 9 Nov 2023
  • JYP×Sony Music「Nizi Project Season 2」
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Comentários • 1 mil

  • @asmrglow
    @asmrglow 19 dias atrás +265

    Eiji’s placement is a crime 😂 JYP we have to talk what is this 😂

    • @carolina1639
      @carolina1639 19 dias atrás +28

      It doesn't make any sense lol

    • @Devilchu
      @Devilchu 19 dias atrás +52

      He had amazing growth and his vocals were crazy good. Justice for Eiji! He should've placed top 5!

    • @Mimi-zm9ry
      @Mimi-zm9ry 19 dias atrás +42

      Jyp wants to encourage him to get even better. He is very talented, but he sometimes can’t show emotion in his performances. So, I think, that he just have a room for improvement and jyp knows it

    • @loveit347
      @loveit347 19 dias atrás +22

      Agreed. He deserves better. He has been robbed twice

    • @littecally5324
      @littecally5324 19 dias atrás +6


  • @user-zd4cf3vn7s
    @user-zd4cf3vn7s 19 dias atrás +371

    I like Ken's way of approaching the position of being a leader. He knows his team members were a trainee and are more knowledgable than him so instead of acting like he knows more, he thinks of a way how he can make the team bond other than teaching things. They practice while hearing each other out, and improving their facial expressions to convey deep emotions. Making the bracelet is so cute too, he's so precious. I also like Seita and Sodai's supportiveness

    • @robnielmanalo
      @robnielmanalo 16 dias atrás

      Ken is too weak to be a leader. Tomoya is the leader.

  • @ustedifyy
    @ustedifyy 19 dias atrás +153

    Tomoya's leadership skills are top-tier

  • @justshar5812
    @justshar5812 19 dias atrás +418

    How can someone be so caring to the others that you want them to rely to you, tomoya you did great, you don’t have to apologize😭 despite being the youngest in the team, you showed us how beautiful your heart is and talented you are

  • @niaarissa7123
    @niaarissa7123 19 dias atrás +163

    their voice soo stable and good to listen..😭😭😭
    they really become better day by day

    • @kkyoi0702
      @kkyoi0702 18 dias atrás +4

      we have the same lineup in mind. the synergy of these 4 is top tier.

    • @ziee3835
      @ziee3835 17 dias atrás


    • @beautystar5718
      @beautystar5718 17 dias atrás

      You forgot sodai, he is the best vocalist on that show. It's a crime to put him 9th place

    • @niaarissa7123
      @niaarissa7123 17 dias atrás +1

      @@beautystar5718 the line up mentioned above is a whole complete package, from attitude, naturality, sing & dance .. whenever i look at sodai he's full of negative energy around him, and it does effect me too I don't know.. but whenever he on the stage he look like different person. so I didn't really know enough his character.

  • @user-es2uq3dq8w
    @user-es2uq3dq8w 19 dias atrás +259

    Just as Ken grew up thanks to Tomoya, JYPark has given Tomoya the role of developing its members. That will be a big burden for him. I am a little worried about Tomoya, but at the same time I am proud of him for being so trusted.

    • @MadisonSquareDoIt
      @MadisonSquareDoIt 19 dias atrás +30

      Tomoya is the leader of the group its obvious JYP gave him ass members to see if he can carry them 😂 Sean & Taiga are gonna go

    • @aprilroseomandac6543
      @aprilroseomandac6543 19 dias atrás +11

      ​@@MadisonSquareDoIt i think it same way thoughts all of them weakness for teammates he is responsible to do it i think it is test for tomoya to handle it 😢😢😢

    • @stanstraykids4610
      @stanstraykids4610 19 dias atrás +20

      I genuinely feel so bad for him. He’s so trusted and is such a big team moodsetter, but the pressure feels almost a bit unrealistic. He did well and supported the others while bringing their foundations and skills up quicker then any other trainee. He’s gone above and beyond and seems even more effective in comparison to even some of the trainers (although notably he has screen time to demonstrate it). Idk, I think he literally crossed all the check marks of a top tier leader, and his members did equally well to jump to the challenge, but somehow he almost got criticized without being criticized.

    • @seomei
      @seomei 19 dias atrás +24

      Don’t feel bad for tomoya yall, he’s not gonna drop, jyp put him with weak candidates so they don’t win the cubes and only tomoya later on, it’s a way of protecting other better candidates, if Jyp put tomoya with them he can justify that tomoya is good and team is bad, tomoya wins either way in the end so don’t worry about him! Also tomoya is a very strong candidate, jyp is putting him with weak members and not giving the team a win on purpose so the other members see that even tomoya team didn’t win and work even harder and don’t take jyp praises for granted! It’s been planned this way it was the same with the nizi girls season!!! Jyp already knows their potential but he’s being super cautious and trying to give more chances to the weak candidates even though it seems like some of them already lost it unfortunately

  • @sanrii4527
    @sanrii4527 19 dias atrás +148

    I like team Ken, Seita, and Sodai performance. They really conveyed the emotions of the song. I would say their stage is overall well-rounded with the vocals, dance , and facial expression. They really felt like a team, i love it

  • @skyvioletstrawberry
    @skyvioletstrawberry 19 dias atrás +154

    Tomoya did so well for his performance, so proud. He rlly nailed the movements as I was watching closely 😂

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 19 dias atrás +8

      Yes even in solo. His stage performance could be very powerful .

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 19 dias atrás +241

    congrats to HARU-KUN!! first place and well deserved! he's consistently been in the top 5 for all the performances if i can remember. SO HAPPY FOR HIM!

    • @ShadyPastel
      @ShadyPastel 19 dias atrás +2

      My goodness he is so striking as a performer in looks as well. I reckon he'll be the first one in that group to get a fashion label sponsorship. Followed by Yu.

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 19 dias atrás +2

      ​​​​​@@ShadyPastelyes. Have you notice Haru's manly s.appeal? It may rival to Yuu honestly. If he is as excellent as Yuu in using his own charm and visuals. ❤🎉 Its his jawline and the way his eyes look feels like iam drowning to his manly appeal.
      Both Yuu and Haru are handsome. Its just my personal preference is Haru's like visual handsome badguy/action star like visual.
      I bet soon if he retired being a performer. He would do great in action tv series or movie. His looks are for that genre as an actor just incase, while as a performer his looks are best for fierce genre songs.

    • @ShadyPastel
      @ShadyPastel 18 dias atrás

      @@ishracainglet2591 yup. Not to mention how his eyes communicate.

    • @ichigoraein7595
      @ichigoraein7595 18 dias atrás

      ​​@@ishracainglet2591Agree, im so surprised when i see the teaser photo of him for the Part 2. He is so handsome and his face is an actor material. I can see, with his face he can be a main character in love drama 😂 He shone so much in part 2 than part 1 (for me)

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 18 dias atrás

      @@ichigoraein7595 for sure it would be a hit also. But on my perspective he is suited for action actor by his looks. And just incase he would be very lucky. Because that type of actor is likely for a longterm because action actors could have more projects even at 40s yrs of age as long they are in capacity.
      Anyways for now lets focus on him as a music performer ❤

  • @tampkat850
    @tampkat850 19 dias atrás +113

    YUU has my vote for a leader. He brought his team together, motivated them to work hard, encouraged them with his confidence, and he let the other members of his team shine.

    • @ShadyPastel
      @ShadyPastel 19 dias atrás +16

      Yu, Tomoya or Haru for leader. If they were all to debut, imagine how strong that team would be with such amazing supportive members as those 3.

    • @robnielmanalo
      @robnielmanalo 16 dias atrás +1

      TOMOYA leader

  • @Cid-zj1cg
    @Cid-zj1cg 19 dias atrás +143

    Tomoya is so genuine! He's so kind and talented

  • @ishracainglet2591
    @ishracainglet2591 19 dias atrás +180

    I still like Tomoya as a leader factor. He truly demonstrate the ups and downs of being a leader. A leader who can pull up his teammates and a leader who admits accountability of the flaws. He is a great charming performer that internalized how others feel. A selfless gifted candidate. This shows that he is a confident performer with humility ❤🎉 Still my biased ❤🎉❤

    • @aprilroseomandac6543
      @aprilroseomandac6543 19 dias atrás +3

      Exactly tomoya he is like that their teammates

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 18 dias atrás

      ​​​@@aprilroseomandac6543yeah nothing would change with highest respect and hopes for him to debut. 1st love niziu boy candidate never dies ❤🎉. In niziu girl my first love is Riku and still my bias. ❤.
      Tomoya is bringing back my younger crush days vibes 😂.

  • @dionysia8108
    @dionysia8108 19 dias atrás +27

    How was Eiji only 8 on the list???? He deserved a ranking way higher. He was amazing and is improving a lot.

    • @conrrisa
      @conrrisa 19 dias atrás +1

      Y lo mismo YU como en 4to puesto ambos merecian estar en los tres primeros puestos

  • @milliondolargirl
    @milliondolargirl 17 dias atrás +10

    37:17 can you believe tomoya can still sound amazing while doing a move like that

  • @tweeterpie1
    @tweeterpie1 19 dias atrás +45

    I honestly thought that the criticism of Tomoyo’s group was much 😂harsher than it should’ve been. I thought their performance was awesome & Tomoyo himself did a phenomenal job of trying to bring the other two team members closer up to his level.

    • @ShadyPastel
      @ShadyPastel 19 dias atrás +10

      I also thought their routine was MUCH harder as were the vocal lines tbh and they had to coordinate so much more in that performance. JYP was nit-picking.

  • @lynzoe2945
    @lynzoe2945 19 dias atrás +68

    Ken team has the best vocal compared to other teams.. its not the skill but their syncronization, ad libs, and their vocals blend so well together.. its nice to hear

    • @xx-gz1gt
      @xx-gz1gt 19 dias atrás +4

      their song was easier jyp should let both teams perform the same song tbh

    • @lynzoe2945
      @lynzoe2945 19 dias atrás +3

      @@xx-gz1gt appreciate that.. however, I think how you execute the song is the main point no matter what song you got.. the easier the song actually not favorable tho in this kind of competition.. and as I said, I am not comparing their skills, they just unite and sound in one harmony, thats all you need to be a team.. I am not saying the other teams not doing a good job, they all talented thats why they are standing there

    • @xx-gz1gt
      @xx-gz1gt 19 dias atrás +1

      @@lynzoe2945 ur literally comparing the skills by saying kens team had better vocals. They obv can show case the vocals more cuz the chero for their song wasnt hard... And the easier the song is the more favorable for the participants jyp said wanna one is more sync compare to tomoya team but tht song is meant to sing for 11 ppl not 3 its hard to sing that much with a tough chero on top be in sync.

    • @lynzoe2945
      @lynzoe2945 19 dias atrás +1

      @@xx-gz1gt okay 😊 let me conclude you just read the first line

    • @xx-gz1gt
      @xx-gz1gt 19 dias atrás +1

      @@lynzoe2945 because the first line itself ur mentioning vocals which are skills but then ur saying its not their skills like ur contradicting urself :)

  • @Aria9391
    @Aria9391 19 dias atrás +38

    Tomoya keeps showing how amazing he is, in triumphs and defeats. I admire people who decide to lead with kindness, positivity and empathy, as well as the people who appreciate it by doing their best. I feel bad for Tomoya, Taiga and Sean but as JYP said there were no bad performers this mission!

  • @paul1010
    @paul1010 19 dias atrás +40

    We all know Sean should have placed a little higher and not placed last. I think JYP did that on purpose so that he ranks higher next round. Sean is that wildcard personality that this group needs. Sean I’m rooting for you, don’t give up!

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 19 dias atrás +12

      Yeah I felt the same! So maybe Sean will have his redemption arc story soon…but first, they needed to capture his beautiful crying face🥹 He definitely has the visuals, Star power, and awkward / my-pace but funny personality! His personality reminds me of Ayaka from Niziu✨

    • @paul1010
      @paul1010 19 dias atrás +10

      Yes!!! I’m happy to see someone else sees that! He really wants this chance and it was tough to see him cry. In the first season after his Star Evaluation, the editing team put “Next Nizi Star” on the screen with him. Other guys like Haru, Tamoya, and Ken got this also so I’m hoping that this is a hint he’s in the final group but after today I’m a little worried now. The group suffers without him in my opinion. I’m really praying hard he makes it!

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 18 dias atrás

      @@paul1010 yeah they need more visuals for the group to be honest😅 Yu and Haru look good but Sean also has natural good looks…I also like Yuki’s beautiful round eyes and happy face✨

  • @rinnebow7789
    @rinnebow7789 19 dias atrás +47

    It's safe to say that Tomoya will definitely debut and become the group's leader. And there's Ken.... so likeable like Ayaka in NiziU.

    • @ryerye6587
      @ryerye6587 19 dias atrás +11

      Ken is good but not that good. I dont know why JYP thinks so much of him.

    • @Dan-ei6qb
      @Dan-ei6qb 19 dias atrás +6

      ​@@ryerye6587si Ken no es bueno, no sé cuál sería tu estándar de bueno. Ken mejoro tanto, se nota! Y su vocal es muy bueno, baile estable también

    • @hwanghyun8694
      @hwanghyun8694 19 dias atrás +12

      @@ryerye6587 he shows big improvement and his stage is always good (vocal, dance, emotion). He is GOOD

    • @loaksmt
      @loaksmt 18 dias atrás


    • @INNI1SAD
      @INNI1SAD 18 dias atrás +1

      ​@@ryerye6587잘하는 것도 중요하지만 잘하기 위해 노력하고 성장하는 모습도 중요하기 때문입니다. JYP는 그것을 매번 강조했습니다.

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 19 dias atrás +89

    YUHI FIGHTING THIRD PLACE! i've always liked him since season 1. he has this smiley aura around him! also his singing improved so much from season 1. 💞

    • @Quinbelle
      @Quinbelle 19 dias atrás +4

      Same like why does no one talks about him?😭 He has been my fav. Since S1 as well like everything about him is so cheerful and happy and the fact that he is so well-rounder with great stage presence. I really need him to debut!

    • @nikirikidaniel
      @nikirikidaniel 19 dias atrás +3

      agree!!! people seriously need to start noticing him more bcz he's such a gem!!

    • @littecally5324
      @littecally5324 19 dias atrás +2

      His smile makes me smile too it's like a disease but in a good way

    • @ShadyPastel
      @ShadyPastel 19 dias atrás +2

      He gives me Han vibes. I dunno, it's his smile I think. I hope he stays too.

    • @littecally5324
      @littecally5324 12 dias atrás +1

      Yeaaah Han@@ShadyPastel

  • @taylormay7558
    @taylormay7558 19 dias atrás +45

    Tomoya is so good at motivating and teaching others. One more thing, if the participants are improving so much, it’s mostly due to the older trainees they definitely don’t get enough crediti

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 19 dias atrás +40

    poor tomoya, sean, and taiga 😢 they worked so hard. tomoya don't feel bad- you did all you could! ❤‍🩹

  • @itslakishana
    @itslakishana 14 dias atrás +1

    Im so impressed with Ken and Seitas improvement. Their team did really well, I really do adore Sodai vocals ❤ this team have good chemistry even the introductions were cute 😅

  • @soobinlove135
    @soobinlove135 19 dias atrás +94

    Ken and tomoya would be great if they debuted!! Please debut ken he's so hard working he's improved a lot❤️❤️

  • @Lena-vd3uy
    @Lena-vd3uy 19 dias atrás +35

    TOMOYA has to debut!!!He's such a natural talent and is so good at everything he does. Because of him the others who were lacking improved so much. I LOVE YOU TOMOYA ❤❤❤

  • @simplyseechelsea8612
    @simplyseechelsea8612 16 dias atrás +6

    Tomoya 's smile and worry expression really give me Bang chan leader aura, and i guess Jyp is also testing Ken to be a co leader. Demo my heart sank as eiji's place drop but i'll still root for him. Ichiban is eiji , my niban is miraku still

  • @slayChaeyoung
    @slayChaeyoung 8 dias atrás +2

    I wanted to see a 12 member group JYP!!! Please debut them all!!!! Btw, Taiga fighting you’re doing great!!!! Also, Seita’s smile is everything!!!!

  • @DaniloAraujoAzevedo
    @DaniloAraujoAzevedo 12 dias atrás

    Para quem não assistiu a temporada do NiziU fique ciente que esse primeiro TOP 9 lá foram todas as meninas que debutaram! Não sei se foi coincidência do destino, mas vamos observar haha

  • @user-tx4rt7jh7q
    @user-tx4rt7jh7q 19 dias atrás +17


    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 19 dias atrás

      True so light but powerful. His voice is captivating also. The way he look looks like he would nail it and he does. ❤🎉

  • @goodday3150
    @goodday3150 18 dias atrás +10

    켄이 맴버들에게 팔찌랑 편지줄 때 정말 멋있었다. 브로맨스 진짜 멋졌어.
    켄이 무대할 때 더 자신을 믿고 자신감있게 매무대마다 최선을 다해 좋은 성과를 낸 게 팬으로서도 정말 자랑스러움😊
    오눌 모든 참가자들 중에 가장 좋은 평을 들어 정말 좋았다.
    켄 진짜 많이 사랑합니다.❤❤

  • @kpop_galaxy
    @kpop_galaxy 19 dias atrás +46

    No words literally no words can describe how much I am proud of Ken from being the weakest participant to being the leader and winning 😭😭😭this guy makes me believe in improvement 😭😭😭😭

  • @thunderousmiroh
    @thunderousmiroh 18 dias atrás +4

    I'm always amazed by Tomoya ability to sing so stably even when he doing such difficult dance choreography👏🏻

  • @user-ze3um1bo5l
    @user-ze3um1bo5l 18 dias atrás +14

    CAN EVERYONE JUST DEBUT!!! I cant part ways with any of them!!! They all work so HARD!!!

  • @mocneeuq
    @mocneeuq 19 dias atrás +61

    16:38 my fave part. Seriously though what did JYP trainers in Korea did to Ken and even Seita? Their improvement and confidence every evaluation is amazing. Sodai confidence is slowly coming back. I really love their performance.
    Tomoya skill level is just so much higher, Taiga and Sean looked like his back-up dancers. I feel bad for Taiga, you could really see in his eyes he looks so lost.

    • @mes6759
      @mes6759 19 dias atrás +16

      I agree with Taiga and Sean looking like back-up dancers. They were so concerned about their dancing and being on sync...Tomoya was the only one who enjoyed the performance..

    • @exomaheen5526
      @exomaheen5526 19 dias atrás +4

      Actuallu i thought taiga was amazing? I dont know why he was lower than miraku ? His vocals were fuller rap was incredible and dance line was also crazy

    • @mes6759
      @mes6759 19 dias atrás +11

      @@exomaheen5526 I think it's the stage presence, he really lack in that area. He doesn't know how to project to the camera and he lack expressions....I agree that he sounds OK but the entire performance I was only looking at Tomoya...

    • @mocneeuq
      @mocneeuq 19 dias atrás +4

      @@exomaheen5526 Look at Taiga's eyes when performing, sometimes it looks like he is not there and feels disconnected.

    • @mocneeuq
      @mocneeuq 19 dias atrás +8

      @@mes6759 Yes Tomoya loks like an idol who already debuted while the two definitely looks like still trainees.

  • @paul1010
    @paul1010 19 dias atrás +18

    Ok I’m convinced Sean is debuting! I looked back at all of his season 1 performances and all of them except his solo voice challenge were met with GLOWING praise from JYP. Several times JYP calls him a Star and Idol quality. JYP was especially positive to him after his Hard Carry performance. Like JYP literally said he was so proud.
    And Sean did nothing wrong in this performance with Taiga and Tomoya. Like it just doesn’t make sense for him to be last - unless JYP specifically didn’t want Taiga (who is consistently on the bottom) and Miraku (who was last last time) to be eliminated this round.
    This has to be strategic because Sean’s skills did not drop off they actually keep improving as JYP indicated. So it has to be strategic on JYP’s part.
    If Sean doesn’t make it then JYP will lose a guaranteed idol. Sean will be an important part of the group regarding unique charm, mood and coolness. Don’t mess this up JYP or you’re going against your own words!!!

  • @shawnolivepeanutcoco
    @shawnolivepeanutcoco 19 dias atrás +27

    Amazing! Tomoya is already a star and even a trainer. so proud of him. lol

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 19 dias atrás +3

      Yeah there is something with Tomoya's voice that you wanna dance all along. ❤🎉

  • @zeroestefania1429
    @zeroestefania1429 18 dias atrás +4

    muchas felicidades a HARU por el primer lugar, se lo tenia merecido, pero estoy preocupado por SEAN, realmente parece un participante carismatico!

  • @skzheidi
    @skzheidi 19 dias atrás +29

    I cannotttt even begin to express how talents they all are. It’s so insane how talented they are. I’m always impressed every episode

  • @goodday3150
    @goodday3150 19 dias atrás +21

    토모야팀도 보컬, 춤 모두 정말 대단했다!
    어떻게 저렇게 빠르고 역동적인 동작에
    노래 라이브까지 매우 안정적으로 부를 수가 있는 지.. 데뷔해야해 이 팀도! 엄청 잘해! 특히 토모야 춤과 보컬은 볼 때마다 새롭게 놀라고 황홀하다. 토모야의 무대를 볼 수 있어서 정말 영광이다❤
    숀도 보컬, 춤 모두 실전에서 완벽한데..
    자신감 가져 돼요! 타이가도 이번에 진짜 최고였구ㅎㅎ

  • @emy_goh
    @emy_goh 17 dias atrás +3

    Can't wait for the next ep!!! So excited 🤩😆 Love everyone in this stage 💗 they all did so gooodd 👍🏻 Goodluck everyone 💪🏼😍

  • @EllaLigght
    @EllaLigght 19 dias atrás +92


    • @jypnationmissa84
      @jypnationmissa84 19 dias atrás +16

      Don't worry..JYP already show his bias..Tomoya,Haru definitely debut

    • @melcampson3345
      @melcampson3345 19 dias atrás +24

      @@jypnationmissa84 i don't see jyp being bias with tomoya and haru, both of them are exceptionally talented, if maybe he's being bias it's towards Ken.

    • @hahahuhu1881
      @hahahuhu1881 19 dias atrás +21

      @@melcampson3345considering how Ken never received professional training and still managed to improve rapidly, i think he deserves to be here and also we can see how JYP prefers people who have no end to improvement unlike some other participants who keep lacking the same skills and receiving the same feedbacks

    • @waterslide34
      @waterslide34 19 dias atrás +4

      ​​@@jypnationmissa84haru, tomoya는 원래 잘해서 편견이 아니지.
      편견은 켄이지...켄을 너무 편애함

  • @chuwineshia3615
    @chuwineshia3615 19 dias atrás +7

    sean,taiga and miraku fighting!! Im rooting for all of them honestly. They’ve improved so much. I feel sad seeing them cry. These kind of shows is really something else. Its heartbreaking to see them work so hard for it. I hope they all debut but i know this is wishful thinking so i wish them all the best debut or not😔🙏🏻 and i hope they won’t ever give up and be discouraged. They all showed us they have great talent and skills and has the potential.. i cant help but hope for the very best for all of them. They all have such pure souls. Its refreshing to see such trainees..

  • @goodday3150
    @goodday3150 19 dias atrás +25

    Ken is deserve to debut.
    켄은 노래를 더 잘함❤
    도입부부터 발성,목소리,감정이 최고였음. 분위기와 음의 안정감도 대단했음. 매무대에서 도입부부터 보컬이 정말 좋아서. 도입부부터 소름돋을 정도로 감탄했음. 춤도 진짜 더 자연스럽고 스피드있고 동작이 크고 멋있음!
    켄의 "미안해. 그리고 사랑해."라는 대사에서 진짜 또 크게 심쿵했다.. 켄 진짜 데뷔할 자격이 충분해!
    켄팀의 감정표현이 굉장히 탁월했다. 이별의 슬픔이 아주 많이 느껴졌다. 노래가 주고 무척 어려운 노래라 춤까지 역동적으로 완벽히 잘 춘게 정말 대단했다! 최고!
    토모야의 퍼포먼스도 정말 역시 최고였다.
    두 팀의 리더들을 모두 진심으로 좋아해서.
    이 두 팀이 대결하는 게 정말 아쉬웠음ㅠ
    양팀 모두 잘했다.

  • @peachy1640
    @peachy1640 19 dias atrás +29

    I'm really surprised Eiji and Yu rank wasn't higher they really dominated the stage; the rain boy's performance video is growing in views every day. My bet is this trio will reach 1 million views soon and go viral.

    • @flaviafernandez4446
      @flaviafernandez4446 19 dias atrás +3

      Im so angry... they deserve more

    • @yuniristanti113
      @yuniristanti113 19 dias atrás +3

      I feel same as you, so sad 😢😢

    • @lissiekookie1072
      @lissiekookie1072 19 dias atrás +3

      Tienes razón pero en esta misión casi todos lo hicieron demasiado bien, seguro a JyP se le complicó mucho y consideró mas las mejoras de algunos q los q ya sabemos q son muy buenos

    • @AmadeaNatasha
      @AmadeaNatasha 19 dias atrás +1

      I even hope Yu would get in the top 3 again 🥺 He's so good everyone, he has improved so muchhh

    • @tampkat850
      @tampkat850 19 dias atrás +7

      I agree, all rain boys deserved to be in a top 3. And Eiji being placed as #8 was a joke.

  • @peachkai3788
    @peachkai3788 18 dias atrás +5

    Haru deserves #1 😭 I'm so proud 🥰

  • @kelseyseonni
    @kelseyseonni 17 dias atrás +1

    loving all of the members so far they’re all so beautiful and talented and we have the same dream 🥰🥰

  • @JayC33_11
    @JayC33_11 19 dias atrás +12

    tonight's episode showed us that everyone is consistently growing
    especially ken, who came from last place in japan boot camp and bouncing at the top during the korean boot camp
    tomoya on the other hand, shows a great leadership, other than being a great performer, he cares and shows support to the other contestants
    kudos to haru for showing us a great performance and for ranking 1st in the second stage
    congratulations to everyone!

  • @rksfip
    @rksfip 6 dias atrás +1


  • @RieCeleste
    @RieCeleste 18 dias atrás +3

    Tomoya will become the leader of this group when it debut.
    The members can rely on him by helping them to be a better artist.
    Rooting for him till the end.😊

  • @milsleonhart
    @milsleonhart 19 dias atrás +36

    So ken, sodai and seita performance so good!! They did so well

  • @mikanponkan2746
    @mikanponkan2746 19 dias atrás +74

    Their improvement and growth are the result of their hard work and dedication. All of them are really talented and amazing, great job everyone!

  • @goatys8102
    @goatys8102 18 dias atrás +8

    Eiji is basically lexus in this show

    • @LizyyBeatrice09
      @LizyyBeatrice09 11 dias atrás

      Agree! I can see that too! I hope he will debut.

  • @sophielianmawi9938
    @sophielianmawi9938 3 dias atrás +2


  • @felbebdisajoytanginan7502
    @felbebdisajoytanginan7502 18 dias atrás +2

    The camera man/editor looooovvvveesss Tomoya and Haru! 😂 And my eyes are loving it too! Such cute boys. Kamsahamnida camera/editor-nim!

  • @Davelina
    @Davelina 19 dias atrás +23

    I hope Miraku and Sean show great improvements in the next evaluation! It'll be tough because the contestants are all so talented.

  • @luisafritz5590
    @luisafritz5590 17 dias atrás +2

    Eiji, I will support you for the rest of my life, you are an artist, I am proud, let's go for that debut ❤

  • @emkayh4532
    @emkayh4532 19 dias atrás +1

    35:15 이때 토모야 표정 너무 좋다 ㅜ 와중에 리더에 보컬에 고음에 랩에 댄스에,, 토모야는 못하는게 없네

  • @adrianaparrales2520
    @adrianaparrales2520 19 dias atrás +1

    Mis fav Yu, Haru, Sodai y Ken 😭debuten porfa

  • @MicmicJuane
    @MicmicJuane 19 dias atrás +30

    Everyone is so talented, I wish they could all debut together!!!

  • @susannac3894
    @susannac3894 19 dias atrás +19

    I don't understand why Eiji can't be in the top 5. JYP always downgrade him. He is the most talent one in my top 5.

    • @RieCeleste
      @RieCeleste 18 dias atrás +2

      JYP and his way of judging. He consults his decision on who to be on the top spot with all the staff around him.

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 18 dias atrás +1

      Eiji is in my top 5 too✨

    • @Ddeam
      @Ddeam 15 dias atrás

      What you saying? At least eiji is one of the favs from jyp since the very beginning ,he’s gonna debut, I’m more than sure of that, the thing here is that everyone is that good that he needs to keep him in a reliable ranking.

  • @user-np4cp2gm9u
    @user-np4cp2gm9u 19 dias atrás +4

    켄 너무 확신의 JYP상😂 일본어 하는 우영이❤

  • @tayde0858
    @tayde0858 18 dias atrás +1

    Confío en Ken, vamos Ken, tú puedes, te amoo!!💗 You can...

  • @danyelswei
    @danyelswei 18 dias atrás +2

    Ken's solo part got me sending!!!
    Sean dont be sad I'm still rooting for your growth

  • @tsitsitimiratsiti5676
    @tsitsitimiratsiti5676 19 dias atrás +43

    I have to say that: i can see that Sodai is such a kind and lovely guy(he consider so much his team everytime) ... He's talented extremely talented but he need to be more confident. He's my first pick... 😭😭 I'm worried for him. I hope he gonna go through it❤️❤️ you can do it Sodai😭😭😭

    • @B_a_b_y_m_o_n_s_t_e_r_d_r
      @B_a_b_y_m_o_n_s_t_e_r_d_r 19 dias atrás +10

      Yeah he lacks confidence bc JYP keeps putting him down

    • @AnuBlossom
      @AnuBlossom 19 dias atrás +6

      He seems to have lost a little bit of spark that I saw in season 1. Hope he can bring it back because he is so talented

    • @iamadreamer3149
      @iamadreamer3149 19 dias atrás +3

      He was my pick the moment I saw him in the first episode because he sang his heart out with a beautiful voice and bright expression. I hope he can sing like that again in the coming episodes.

  • @clutwenism7102
    @clutwenism7102 19 dias atrás +28

    Congratulation HARU-KUN to deserve first place and still do your best performance. I'm so proud for you grow skills especially in singing that so better, ❤❤❤

  • @skyvioletstrawberry
    @skyvioletstrawberry 19 dias atrás +20

    Sodai’s intro was so captivating btw, and Ken & Seita sung as if they were twinning the whole time in the song 😂

  • @jewel0414
    @jewel0414 19 dias atrás +12

    OMG, Ken', Seita, and Sodai is my favorite performance!

  • @kyoheiablaza6070
    @kyoheiablaza6070 19 dias atrás +14


  • @danyelswei
    @danyelswei 18 dias atrás +1


  • @sevenpride
    @sevenpride 19 dias atrás +50

    Ken, Tomoya I expect you to debut. Sean, you have to debut too, keep up your enthusiasm! I support you here

  • @milsleonhart
    @milsleonhart 19 dias atrás +59

    35:02 idk but sean look so cool at this part and his vocal sound good

    • @katy8605
      @katy8605 19 dias atrás +3

      Have you seen on instagram when their team is doing a little video to introduce their song? Sean is adorable in that. I think he was eating energy.

    • @futurepanther
      @futurepanther 19 dias atrás +8

      ikr, he was top 5 for me, really sad he was last :(

    • @ShadyPastel
      @ShadyPastel 19 dias atrás +7

      100% agree. I made my own comment about the Sean decision. I reckon JYP likes him and he dropped him to make him work harder. A bit like the Felix Cinderella like story. He was the only one swapped out of the top 8 for Seita. I honestly think Sean has more appeal. He has a lovely vocal tone, rapped so well in that song and with proper nurturing I think he's going to become a fabulous performer. Let's not forget back at the beginning he showed and was praised for his choreography skills.

    • @ameliaaman3334
      @ameliaaman3334 18 dias atrás +2

      Agree he far better than Taiga and improve a lot

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 18 dias atrás +2

      @@ameliaaman3334 Also, this is Sean’s first attempt at Kpop so it’s only been like a couple of months of training?? He has shown progress, whereas Taiga is a 3~4 year JYP trainee but still lacks skills compared to Tomoya or Haru…yeah I feel like they purposely dropped Sean to last place so that they can make a redemption arc story for him like Ken (or Felix). Plus, Sean had so much screen time during Tokyo Boot Camp, and he also got that “Next Nizi Star” comment after his star power performance (the pants, buhahaha~). Plus they used a long video footage of his photo shoot and narration for the beginning of episode #11 right after Tomoya and Yu’s parts…that’s a lot of coverage for a non-JYP trainee! He definitely has the visuals!✨

  • @conrrisa
    @conrrisa 19 dias atrás +7


  • @iheworld134
    @iheworld134 19 dias atrás +5

    Sean will debut, he definitely gonna be a mood maker n fans favourites in the group

    • @paul1010
      @paul1010 19 dias atrás +1

      I hope so! I can’t understand the last place ranking??

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 19 dias atrás +28

    i LOVED tomoya's team performance! 😍💝 i totally forgot about this song, it was everywhere when it came out years ago lol

  • @ishracainglet2591
    @ishracainglet2591 17 dias atrás +1

    My picks that I think will fit in the international standards
    Eiji - I think he is really born for this. Rarest. Never seen his vibe in other artists or candidates even in other audition shows. And its difficult to copy. Not that ripe yet but strong enough to go with the toptier candidates. Iam very surprised. ADD TO CART. ❤🎉
    I think with the voices like Tomoya and Eiji they can do the rapping. Their voice types are flexible. Their voice types have a groove element thats why its fitting for rapping also.
    Meanwhile I want Sodai to regain his confidence to release his maximum potentials in vocals and vibe. Since no one can pull up the youngest vibrant vibe for my top 5. My pick for 6th spot is Yuuki. He is excellent as Yuu in infusing their own vibe to the music genre he has also decent skills vocally and dancing.
    - just my personal opinion, no hate, just my own perspective.

  • @momisa9909
    @momisa9909 18 dias atrás +2

    I think a group of 5: Tomoya, Haru, Yu, Eiji and So Ken is complete. But to balance the group and make teamwork better, there will be Yuki and Yuhi. In fact, JYPE's groups are all like that, many colors in one group.
    Haru, Yu, Eiji are dark attractive and masculine. Meanwhile, Tomoya and Ken are quite neutral, they can show off many different styles. These individuals have strong personalities (it's hard to carry/handle), so they need bright and fresh members like Yuki and Yuhi to neutralize them. That's the final result I guess.

  • @tampkat850
    @tampkat850 19 dias atrás +15

    So many emotions after this episode 🖤
    1. Taiga has been dragged to hell and back by JYP. In reality his skills are amazing, dancing and especially his deep singing voice is like no other in this group. Will he receive all cubes in the last stage?
    2. Are the top 8 in this episode the final group? If Sodai won’t overcome his insecurities he will not make the group because even though he has a beautiful voice, the team won’t be always able to depend on it.
    3. Can the group exist without Miraku and Sean? Of course, but Miraku is strong in rap and outside of Eiji there is no one else with this skill that particularly stands out. Sean may not be the best dancer yet, but he has the potential to be one of the best.
    4. Will 2 teams of six (Haru vs. Tomoya) will compete in the next challenge? If so that’s going to be very interesting considering the split (Tomoya & Yu vs. Haru & Ken 😮)
    5. The leader position. I think good candidates are Haru (doesn’t break down under pressure), Yu (ensures perfection of his team through hard work), Seita (the glue that brings everyone together), Tomoya (carrying and supportive)… may be they all can be leaders 😅

    • @felbebdisajoytanginan7502
      @felbebdisajoytanginan7502 18 dias atrás +2

      1. I agree on Taiga's skills but he's lacking stage presence. That K-pop idol aura that is exuding out of Tomoya, Haru, and Yu. If he can pull that off, he could debut.
      2. I'm still hoping Sodai will pull through at the last mission, I also been wanting to see his full potential and high notes! Gambatte So-chan!
      3. Miraku and Sean are both likable but I can see Sean more as a k-pop idol than Miraku but I want to be proven wrong too 😅
      4. It's either Yu or Tomoya for me. Seita is good glue hehe! Haru can be the center!

    • @milliondolargirl
      @milliondolargirl 17 dias atrás +1

      No. 3 and 5 For me Are perfect

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 16 dias atrás +2

      1. I feel bad for Taiga, honestly…he seems like such a nice dude but he lacks skills despite being a 3~4 year trainee…Tomoya and Haru are far more skilled than him.
      2. I don’t think Top 8 are final members. People on Japanese Twitter are thinking it could be a 7 or 9 member group, plus Park keeps handing out 9 stones so maybe he’s aiming for 9 members like Niziu (their sister group).
      3. Miraku’s visual isn’t good according to a Korean BRclipr. He mentioned Sean’s dance moves are still slow at times, but his singing is good. And he obviously has nice visuals - I always see comments on Japanese SNS complimenting his good looks.✨ Plus some people (like myself) think he will have a redemption arc story like Mayuka from Season 1, and he will be placed higher in future rankings for drama.
      4. I also think the final showdown will be between Team Tomoya vs Team Haru!
      5. From what I hear, JYPE groups always have the leaders with the longest trainee experience like Jihyo from Twice (10 years) or Bang Chan from SKZ (7 years). So I think it’ll most likely be Tomoya - I mean, you can already see it! During Tokyo Boot Camp he was teaching Korean to Rio, then he helped Ken with his first solo performance in Korea, then he was training Taiga while playing the keyboard and helping Sean with the dance moves. He is like Superman and he’s only 16~17 years old!!!🥹
      *Regarding Sodai - he obviously has the best vocal but nobody else can cover for him at concerts if there are problems. I saw a video of Niziu at Kcon in Japan and Nina was supposed to sing her high note for Clap Clap but her mic wasn’t working. However Riku came to the rescue and covered Nina’s high note for her. Nina, Riku, and Miihi are vocally the same level so they can always cover for each other. If these boys ever encounter a similar problem, I doubt that even Tomoya or Yu or Haru could cover Sodai’s parts…plus Park recently mentioned on a Japanese tv show that this boys group will be more performance-focused than vocally…so it’s possible that Sodai could be out.

    • @tampkat850
      @tampkat850 16 dias atrás +1

      ⁠@@kenjoh81thank you for your thorough reply. You shared so much valuable insight that is unfortunately not visible to anyone outside or Korea or Japan, or anyone not speaking either of the languages.
      In terms of Taiga, I think the skills are there, but like the other person mentioned in the comments, he can’t showcase it or lacks that star factor. My heart breaks for Taiga because because that means that all his efforts where in vain.
      I’m also sad for Miraku because unfortunately talent may not be enough when trying to be a part of idol group where there is a lot of emphasis on physical appearance.
      Yes, Sean has the looks and singing is okay. But I still see him more as a dancer and I think speed will come with more practice.
      I was so scared to suggest that Sodai may not make the group, but I agree with everything you said in his case.
      I’m so encouraged by the thought that there maybe 9 members and your explanation of why Tomoya most likely will be made the leader is also very well substantiated. It was so awesome to read your post, thank you.

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 16 dias atrás +1

      @@tampkat850 your welcome! These are just hypotheses from what I gather here in Japan. Japanese viewers have different tastes from Koreans or other countries. Also, this season 2 (boys) isn’t as popular as season 1 (girls); I remember when Niziu debuted, their pre-debut song “Make you happy” was playing everywhere and the girls were featured on soooo many tv commercials, variety shows and music shows! Even my young Japanese students knew about them lol~ Their popularity has kind of died down now since they are a niche market and Japan has their own popular artists, bands, idols, anime music, etc. They say probably Niziu fans are the bulk of the ones watching season 2 (like myself, tehehe😬) so we often make comparisons between the seasons or contestants. However, Park has been appearing on Japanese tv shows again, like when Niziu debuted so it seems like he is pushing for viewers to watch season 2. And for this year’s Kohaku (big New Years eve music show here in Japan) Twice’s Japanese sub unit group MiSaMo is appearing as well as Niziu, and for the first time ever Stray Kids! I’m sure Park would want his new Japanese boys group to appear on Kohaku for 2024!

  • @milsleonhart
    @milsleonhart 19 dias atrás +54

    After seeing their sweet and lovely friendship i think im gonna cry if they are not debuting together ㅠㅠ

  • @wannastay6547
    @wannastay6547 19 dias atrás +16

    Yayy Haru got the 1st place🎉 i'm so excited for the next episode, the episode that i've been waiting for. I want to see all of them to having fun🥰

  • @kensairyu9623
    @kensairyu9623 18 dias atrás +1

    What I think have a solid spot in the group so far (according to ss1):
    Sodai: The only vocalist who is stable and can belt big note (Nina spot)
    Tomoya: Highest overall skill, with leadership (Mako spot)
    Haru: Strongest stage presence, solid dance skill, with visual to add (Maya spot)
    Yu: Catching up with JYP trainee in term of skill, solid performance ( Riku spot)
    Ken: I feel that he maybe able to make another "miracle" story ( Mayuka Spot)

  • @goodday3150
    @goodday3150 19 dias atrás +20

    켄이랑 토모야는 이번 무대에서 비주얼과 실력이 더 빛났다! 멋져 둘 다!
    실력, 비주얼은 물론이고 팀 맴버들에게 늘 따뜻하고 진실된 마음으로 대하고 순수한 모습에 내 마음을 매번 엄청 설레게 해! 이 둘 때매 매주 금요일이 설레고 기대된다!
    둘 나오는 부분은 몇 번이고 다시 보게 됨! 켄과 토모야! 고마워 진짜! 둘 다 너무너무 사랑해❤❤

  • @milsleonhart
    @milsleonhart 19 dias atrás +36

    Omg haru got 1st place!! So proud of u!! So happy for him, he did so well and have amazing stage 😆

  • @Giigii-yy1yz
    @Giigii-yy1yz 19 dias atrás +7

    Yu merecia estar en los primeros tres igual que eiji 🫤

  • @susannac3894
    @susannac3894 19 dias atrás +4

    Haru is well deserved for the #1 this time. Love him from the start.

  • @miaumiau411
    @miaumiau411 19 dias atrás +4


  • @wikaancella6920
    @wikaancella6920 19 dias atrás +2

    Go go go Tomoya-kun, you doing great for this...i'm rooting for you ❤
    I can't take my eyes from him in this performance, he look so coooolllll 😍👏🏻

  • @jeirenvinamalawis8827
    @jeirenvinamalawis8827 19 dias atrás +18

    I adore Ken's Team more. Taiga did very well here. He deserves a stone.

    • @jeirenvinamalawis8827
      @jeirenvinamalawis8827 19 dias atrás +1

      I feel sympathy for Taiga for not receiving a cube for the 2nd time in the 2nd round. Taiga should be an idol, you know! Why? Because he's not the best of the best however, he's got that UNIUE CHARM which I feel whenever seeing GOT7 and EXO members. Charrm is the best.

  • @miaabigail1901
    @miaabigail1901 19 dias atrás +49


  • @ishracainglet2591
    @ishracainglet2591 19 dias atrás +26

    Next stage I wanna see more manlier vibes on Haru ❤🎉.
    Congrats ❤🎉 for sure it would be a blast on stage.
    Also Tomoya my biased ❤🎉 looking forward for your best version. 🎉🎉❤ personality at its best. I never get bored with your aura and traits. ❤🎉
    Eiji next time you would make it, nevermind the rankings. Viewers know how good you were in Rain performance ❤🎉
    Yuu maintain your expertise in using your visual and vibes to your performance. You were a great growing performer. ❤🎉
    To Sodai. Many viewers believed in you. So trust your supporters do your best. Your voice is worth the hype. So don't be afraid to use your maximum talents and discover the vibes that fits in. Surely you will have a chance. ❤🎉

  • @exomaheen5526
    @exomaheen5526 19 dias atrás +10

    Honestly yu desrved to be in top 3, taiga for me was astonishing ngl his vocals are mesmerising, he knows how to use his voice plus he is doing great in dancing , his rap is self explainatory, he is one of the best or the best rapper here! He did not desrve 11th place similarly sean had improved tremendiously in dancing keeping that in mind plus vocals he should have been higher! I feel bad for sodai why is jyp gaslighting him into believing he is not a good vocalist he lost tons of confidence!! Best of miraku sean and especially taiga!! Congrats haru tomoyo and yuhi 😊

    • @hescutethough2419
      @hescutethough2419 19 dias atrás

      I agree im so sad that Sean and Taiga and sodai got that Low Placements Like???they improved so much too😢❤

  • @yuna.cos_48
    @yuna.cos_48 19 dias atrás +32


  • @thunderousmiroh
    @thunderousmiroh 18 dias atrás

    Is it just me or anyone feel that Ken looks like 2pm Wooyoung? Ken and Seita really improved so much👍🏻 Sodai really suits 2pm song, he can sing their songs so well! Hopefully he can unleash his full singing potential in the next round! Fighting💪🏻

  • @sftiebxmi
    @sftiebxmi 19 dias atrás +1

    excited for the next episode, it looks so fun !! have to wait for another week tho 🥺

  • @user-jt9yq5qf5l
    @user-jt9yq5qf5l 19 dias atrás +6

    다들 사랑스러워~~~
    다들 잘 됐으면 좋겠어~~~

  • @mijeongpark3210
    @mijeongpark3210 19 dias atrás +4

    일본 프듀보다 여기오니 눈호강 노래도 다들 잘하고 굿굿 다들 데뷔하길

  • @robiiiiiiiiiiiii
    @robiiiiiiiiiiiii 19 dias atrás +8

    I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY, first of all ken did an amazing job as the leader and i hope sodai will sing with all the confidence he has next time, SECOND: IM SO HAPPY FOR HARU BB U DESERVE THAT 1ST PLACE U DID GREAT. third, i liked tomoyas team performance so much and im so sorry it went that way, tomoya did a great job as always and taiga and sean improved SO MUCH, last but not least im so glad yuki got the cube i cheered🎉🎉🎉

  • @skyvioletstrawberry
    @skyvioletstrawberry 19 dias atrás +23

    Seann dont cry 😭, it will be better. You’re still my superstar no matter what ~~

  • @swaggerjagger77
    @swaggerjagger77 18 dias atrás

    Energetic team they ATE 🔥🙌🏻❤️

  • @melatirahmiaziza7869
    @melatirahmiaziza7869 17 dias atrás

    I'm so worry that Eiji couldn't debut at this rate 🤧 Please debut Eiji!!!! Eiji, Tomoya, Haru and Yu are ready to debut!!!!

  • @shinshentan6686
    @shinshentan6686 19 dias atrás +6

    tbh they are super young and got these talents, very touched to see their improvement, every hardwork make them level up, and the main is their personal characters and attitude? SO EXCELLENT! i wish them all the very BEST from the bottom of my heart, i really love every single kids from this show.