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[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 2 #4

  • Publicado em 2 Nov 2023
  • JYP×Sony Music 「Nizi Project Season 2」
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Comentários • 762

  • @user-fp8do8ul8b
    @user-fp8do8ul8b 26 dias atrás +6

    하루 ❤ 정말 대단해요

  • @tampkat850
    @tampkat850 26 dias atrás +442

    Yu is definitely my bias, but I am glad to see that JYP is being fair in the second stage and not showing favoritism. I hope that all 3 members of Yu’s team get a high ranking, but this time I am rooting for Haru to get 1st place. It is time his efforts and talent gets recognized.

    • @strongbaton
      @strongbaton 26 dias atrás +28

      I agreeee! I loved their stage so much. Haru's my bias and I'm really impressed by how he took charge of the group's choreo like that. The team dynamic between all 3 of em is so wholesome & supportive...Eiji improved a lot too and Yu's charisma was amazing as always

    • @rblxbreezy6427
      @rblxbreezy6427 26 dias atrás +13

      YU Is my bias too🎉

    • @tampkat850
      @tampkat850 26 dias atrás +12

      @@rblxbreezy6427hey, the more of us supporting YU the better. Sending hugs 🤗

    • @lol-my5bz
      @lol-my5bz 25 dias atrás +6

      frrr, like haru is always getting done dirty😭 like he should’ve been higher last round and also during the jpn training camp, like its time for him to get his rightful place

    • @itsnaornever
      @itsnaornever 19 dias atrás +2

      He got 1st place :)

  • @user-kd3fj9fv5p
    @user-kd3fj9fv5p 26 dias atrás +612

    OMG Yu's team is due to make their debut, their performance is just perfect

  • @janeklein2039
    @janeklein2039 26 dias atrás +166

    Haru, Yu and Eiji = a triple kill for me. I can't handle their charisma and gosh! I'm sure this performance of them made JYP think "Ahh, I'm gonna include these three to the debut lineup". Kidding aside but hoping, make them debut! They nailed it!

    • @strongbaton
      @strongbaton 26 dias atrás +9

      Trueee! He looked real proud of all 3 of em. I really can't wait to see them debut successfully

  • @skyvioletstrawberry
    @skyvioletstrawberry 26 dias atrás +160

    Yu’s team is just too powerful, they look like an actual boy grp. Their charisma is overflowing and jus draws my attention at every second of it. Yu’s confidence is just up up in part 2 😂

  • @JayC33_11
    @JayC33_11 26 dias atrás +361

    yu, haru, and eiji should debut
    these 3 are just perfect

  • @joyannjustalero3838
    @joyannjustalero3838 26 dias atrás +365

    YU seems to be the 'Mother of the group' in future. He looks caring, can cook for the team and he is a leader material as well. Looking forward for that.

    • @Rhetzelle
      @Rhetzelle 26 dias atrás +6

      You mean Father 😂

    • @tampkat850
      @tampkat850 26 dias atrás +28

      I can definitely see YU as a team leader. He is carrying, patient, considerate, humble and is not afraid to let go of power if the team needs help and allows for others to take the lead if he is lacking in the area. He is perfect for the leader’s role.

    • @24hrsmeow
      @24hrsmeow 26 dias atrás +6

      He is so Maya coded ❤❤❤

      @HATSONIC 26 dias atrás +6

      He's such a mom fr fr

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 22 dias atrás +3

      I like the sibling like rivalry between Yuki and Yuu in this mission ❤ its so cute 😍
      Let's see who will settle the score in the rankings between the 2. ❤ They are really cute 2 fighting spirits ❤

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 26 dias atrás +156

    bruh the editors are really trying to make the girls go nuts over Yu. his looks alone in season 1 was already enough and they added his ability to cook here 😭😭😭

    • @NekoNyan
      @NekoNyan 26 dias atrás +19

      Ikr? Now it got us thinking "What the hell can't he do?!" He's born for this

    • @rblxbreezy6427
      @rblxbreezy6427 26 dias atrás +19

      Ever since I saw his first audition I knew he had potential

    • @jieanma
      @jieanma 26 dias atrás +12

      I root for him since his first audition. His introduction and his attitude is charming, and you can already see his potential skillwise. It's just during Japan showcase with tons of critism and not getting cube right away that affected his performance a lil bit (he became more subdued) but you still can see Yu charm during star quality test. Now Korean showcase and him getting 1st place on individual test really did wonder to his confidence and he's back being chill funny and sassy Yu ❤

  • @skyvioletstrawberry
    @skyvioletstrawberry 26 dias atrás +149

    Haru is a natural at this category, like cmon his dance is super gd and accurate since the start of nizi, technique is unmatched

    • @lemonly1053
      @lemonly1053 26 dias atrás +10

      Yes, he’s my favorite dancer! A future main dancer for the group for sure ^^

    • @taro8175
      @taro8175 26 dias atrás +11

      His dancing is amazing but I was also really impressed by his vocals. He kind of has a voice actor's versatility, conveying just the right intention for every line. It sounds very satisfying.

    • @jieanma
      @jieanma 26 dias atrás +9

      Haru nailed the expression. His gaze really suit sexy concept ❤

  • @kyoheiablaza6070
    @kyoheiablaza6070 26 dias atrás +375


    • @army4rose
      @army4rose 26 dias atrás +1


    • @katy8605
      @katy8605 23 dias atrás +2

      It's fine with me to not talk about talent because many of these guys actually were not very good in the auditions and worked their frickin' butts off to get to the point they are now rather than just being talented. And that's truly worth stanning.

  • @midori788
    @midori788 26 dias atrás +232

    Yu-Haru-Eiji team's performance is like idol group's. its perfect!

  • @tansiemachesta
    @tansiemachesta 26 dias atrás +314

    Yuki is growing up right before our eyes omg
    He seems taller and the chubby cheek is gone gone

    • @NekoNyan
      @NekoNyan 26 dias atrás +23

      His true visual is now being unraveled

    • @luckyk7978
      @luckyk7978 26 dias atrás +35

      He looks so different from the auditions! Almost didn't recognize him when Part 2 started 😅

    • @ishracainglet2591
      @ishracainglet2591 26 dias atrás +20

      Getting handsome also. The most innocent cute looking

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 25 dias atrás +6

      Wahhhhh I kind of miss his angelic chubby cheek face! But yes, he definitely is growing more handsome✨I actually like his nose shape and his round-shaped eyes.

    • @tatasoftluvbts
      @tatasoftluvbts 25 dias atrás +2

      thats trueeeee

  • @us4656
    @us4656 17 dias atrás +5

    하루군 스타일도 좋고~ 얼굴도 배우상이고.. 원픽입니다!!

  • @lirielcristina2576
    @lirielcristina2576 24 dias atrás +3

    Yu, Eiji e Haru tem que debutar, eles são simplesmente perfeitos ❤

  • @Imagen.143
    @Imagen.143 26 dias atrás +246

    I respect these boys for how hard they are pushing themselves!!

  • @abingahershey8614
    @abingahershey8614 26 dias atrás +39

    I wait each week to watch Eiji perform. He’s shy and introverted but contains so much potential. He’s laid back but when he’s needed, he can bring it on. Eiji has something about him that makes him interesting and mysterious.

    • @nicosul
      @nicosul 26 dias atrás

      Yes 🤗

    • @kenjoh81
      @kenjoh81 25 dias atrás +2

      Yeah I like how he’s an introvert - I’m kind of introvert myself so I like to observe and watch others from the outside at first. I like how he asked Haru for help during his solo performance practice, and Haru helped him out because he’s such a kind older brother! I think they got closer since arriving in S.Korea and I often see them chatting with each other☺️

  • @jypnationmissa84
    @jypnationmissa84 26 dias atrás +246

    It always my wish for eiji to be in same group with Yu ever since Japan camp..they both have same vibe..and Haru complete it.

    • @jehanamil3776
      @jehanamil3776 26 dias atrás +15

      ❤❤❤😂😂3 funny hondsome

    • @jeirenvinamalawis8827
      @jeirenvinamalawis8827 26 dias atrás +2

      I CAN'T AGREE MORE! I admired their group the most.

    • @mariastay9525
      @mariastay9525 26 dias atrás +13

      Eiji and Yu are my bias line I hope they debut

    • @msty9237
      @msty9237 26 dias atrás +2

      Exactly! They all vibe with each other

    • @24hrsmeow
      @24hrsmeow 26 dias atrás +4

      Their team looked like an SKZ Family. Yu as the father, Haru as the mother and Eiji as the precious baby. 😂❤

  • @yummy7200
    @yummy7200 26 dias atrás +126

    The maknae group is great, Adore U is a song performed by 13 people, the three of them performed very well

  • @pizzzahhh
    @pizzzahhh 26 dias atrás +121

    my top 3 did really well!!!! please debut together yu,eiji and haru

    • @Mitchyy42
      @Mitchyy42 26 dias atrás +5

      Agree ❤🎉 So proud of them. Their teamwork and passion is amazing ❤❤❤

  • @luckyk7978
    @luckyk7978 26 dias atrás +28

    Things I love about this show:
    -Everyone gets a spotlight & screentime
    -No evil editing
    -Ranks are based on actual talent & not popularity
    -Trainees are talented & not just there to be comic relief
    -Parts of song are distributed fairly & there's no fkin 'center'
    *feel free to add more*

  • @kimashiidan
    @kimashiidan 26 dias atrás +70

    “you proved that your 1st place ranking wasn’t luck” YES YES YEAAAAAASSSS, Yu just KILLED it

  • @aznofiha
    @aznofiha 19 dias atrás +4

    Haru tak pernah mengecewakan..finally 1st rank.. sebelum ni pun dah best tp jyp tak nampak.. takpe haru kau hero di hatiku..

    • @farahramli5764
      @farahramli5764 15 dias atrás

      haru dlam team dia menyerlah. dapat lagu macam ni pula. bias aku Yu 😄😄

  • @Lin99990
    @Lin99990 26 dias atrás +155

    Yay, as expected, Yu's team was 🔥. Honestly, all the boys are really talented, Yuhi's team was really good and deserved stones too. Can't wait to see the next 2 groups.

  • @TakeMyBless
    @TakeMyBless 25 dias atrás +12

    Nizi 1 과 A2K를 통해서.. JYP가 멤버들의 실력을 끌어올리는 능력은 검증이 되어서 의심할게 없지만
    이번 Nizi 2는 다들 비주얼이 뛰어나고 매력이 넘쳐서 또 한번의 큰 성공이 기대됩니다.

  • @jypnationmissa84
    @jypnationmissa84 26 dias atrás +66

    The best feedback from JYP is Yu 1st place is not based on luck but on how hard he practice

    • @luckyk7978
      @luckyk7978 26 dias atrás +18

      He told JYP that he would work hard when he chose him at the auditions and Yu has more than delivered on his promise.

  • @24hrsmeow
    @24hrsmeow 26 dias atrás +37

    I love when YuHaruEiji team were backstage and Yu was waiting with open arms below the stairs for Haru and hugged and complimented him. I also love how Haru run to Eiji and hugged him too and then Yu joining them and hugging the two. Such a precious moment! 🥹✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️

  • @NekoNyan
    @NekoNyan 26 dias atrás +30

    Wtf Yu is so frickin' good looking. His team is already a perfect group, and I'm sure all three can definitely debut ❤

  • @user-fp8do8ul8b
    @user-fp8do8ul8b 25 dias atrás +6

    ハル ❤❤ …本当にすごいです ❤
    魅力のかたまり :)

  • @davidpark7719
    @davidpark7719 26 dias atrás +50

    '하루'는 완전히 영화배우처럼 미남이네..미남이야!
    몸도 딱 남자 아이돌하기에 알맞는 몸이고 가창력도 뛰어나며
    기타 재능도 풍부하니 '하루'도 데뷔할 것이 틀림이 없다고 생각된다.
    '하루' 화이팅! ❤❤

  • @toricynical
    @toricynical 26 dias atrás +140


  • @lemonly1053
    @lemonly1053 26 dias atrás +11

    Its so adorable how Haru and Eiji compliment the food in sync! These two were leaders of their unit last time, and its so cute too see Yu taking care of them. I think its really great that there are a lot of “leaderly” members, so during debut, whoever is the leader will have others to rely on🥹

    • @loveit347
      @loveit347 26 dias atrás +2

      Yesss… I’m so thrilled to see eiji as the youngest this time. He looks stressed leading seasoning last time. Ofc he did good job as leader but it’s fun to see him enjoy himself this much

    • @lemonly1053
      @lemonly1053 26 dias atrás +1

      @@loveit347 yess it was refreshing! Eiji can be so adorable
      51:30 this moment where Eiji finds the older members hugging and they give him a big group hug as soon as they see him

    • @loveit347
      @loveit347 26 dias atrás +2

      @@lemonly1053haha eiji is so shy and introverted there…it’s cute

  • @WONCHOUL-og5tw
    @WONCHOUL-og5tw 26 dias atrás +24

    Rain boys 3인은 진짜 현역 아이돌만큼 잘하는것 같다 완벽해 에이지.하루.유 너희는 가수할 자격이 충분하다 데뷔 가자!!

  • @user-uy6zm5bb2l
    @user-uy6zm5bb2l 26 dias atrás +59

    유키 시즌1 때는 너무 어려보이는 느낌이 커서 별로 눈길 안갔는데 시즌2는 너무 기엽다ㅠㅠ 데뷔해라❤

    • @seewon0459
      @seewon0459 26 dias atrás +12

      ㅇㅈ 예전엔 딱히 잘생겼단 생각 안했는데 크니까 갑자기 존잘됨ㅋㅋㅋㅌㄱ 딱 정변의 정석인듯 진짜 잘컷당..

    • @nivispatriciarodriguezsegu8029
      @nivispatriciarodriguezsegu8029 26 dias atrás

      He Is so handsome now😮❤❤

    • @nicosul
      @nicosul 26 dias atrás

      El siempre fue guapo 😍

  • @cincindddy
    @cincindddy 26 dias atrás +41

    I can't stop watching Haru performance. His opening performance definitely caught my eyes. His truly can express the song about. Sorry Yu, you are my first love but suddenly Haru come😂😂😂
    I think Yu, Tomoya, Haru, Eiji definitely will debut 100%

  • @wolf_f3749
    @wolf_f3749 26 dias atrás +22

    Eiji's obviously so good at dancing but his vocal tone is what I really liked! I love JYP's comment that he's like a sport car haha. I wish Yu's team just debuted as it is!.

    • @loudminds3808
      @loudminds3808 26 dias atrás

      But him U6LY & destroyed line up debut

    • @wolf_f3749
      @wolf_f3749 24 dias atrás +5

      @@loudminds3808 Oh I don't think so. He is good-looking now and I see that he will become much more hot within a couple of years. At the moment he might not have enough confidence in his appearance and I think that factors in, but saying that seems to me rather short-sighted and narrow-minded.

    • @gin170
      @gin170 23 dias atrás +3

      @@loudminds3808 He has the build and he's only 15 years old. He'll have a glam up. Besides, the group needs someone like him who is a reliable dancer, singer and rapper. With the training he's gotten so far, his vocals are already stable and he still has room for improvement. He has a quiet charm about him. I can see he's playful on camera so he's not a exactly a dry personality, just introverted. Plus, I'm getting tired of the plastic surgery beautiful people on these groups.

    • @paul1010
      @paul1010 22 dias atrás +4

      @@loudminds3808bruh you are so wrong for this, Eiji is unique and he has that manly look that this group needs, honestly your comment is so lacking, we are lucky you are not in JYP’s chair lol

  • @chowoniefa4026
    @chowoniefa4026 25 dias atrás +12


  • @InvokerTheJoker
    @InvokerTheJoker 26 dias atrás +41

    What cant Yu'kun do??? He can cook on and off the stage🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @MixolydianMode
    @MixolydianMode 26 dias atrás +92

    I was never interested in boy groups but these guys are so humble and talented! I like them.

  • @user-hr9id8qf7u
    @user-hr9id8qf7u 26 dias atrás +12

    레인보이즈 굉장히 완성도 있음
    곡이 전혀 어색하지 않음

  • @ustedifyy
    @ustedifyy 26 dias atrás +51

    Haru's stage presence was totally amazing!

  • @crecen7827
    @crecen7827 24 dias atrás +4

    에이지, 하루, 유! 퍼포먼스가 정말 멋지다. 인정!! 미라쿠네 팀도 사랑스럽게 잘했어. 일본 시장에서 성공할듯..

  • @peachkai3788
    @peachkai3788 25 dias atrás +10

    I swear Haru's stage presence is just amazing. I think he deserves 1st place. I hope Haru, Eiji, Yu will debut because they're thaaat good!!!!❤❤❤

  • @adaezeonumonu
    @adaezeonumonu 22 dias atrás +3

    42:44 Eiji's adlibs perfection.
    His voice perfection.
    This perfomance perfection.

  • @kgbapbaby4ever
    @kgbapbaby4ever 23 dias atrás +6

    YU’s team damn , Haru omg this concept is like perfect for his style finally can show his powerful dance / facial expression 👏 on a great team work and Yu and Eiji slay !!

  • @yuyasutomiya
    @yuyasutomiya 26 dias atrás +16

    Yu's stage presence and facial expression are really amazing!

  • @mariastay9525
    @mariastay9525 26 dias atrás +16

    Woah Eiji’s visual dancing singing power was amazing👏👏

  • @user-ik1qj8ni4o
    @user-ik1qj8ni4o 22 dias atrás +3

    *ahhh I loved Eiji, Yu, and Haru together! They kiIIed it!!! Eiji is my bias but wow the other two are wreckers ahahaha. It was cute to actually see Eiji acting silly in this episode cuz usually u only see the serious side of him. And it was sweet of Yu to cook em a meal. I loved seeing Haru take charge with the dancing. And it was great to see how much work they put in and seeing the synchronization like wow!!! Incredible. They already looked like a group. In unison. As one. Like JYP said. It was so uniform. Oh speaking of that, I loved their outfits. Looked pretty bada$$. Can’t wait to see the other performances*

  • @miaabigail1901
    @miaabigail1901 20 dias atrás +3

    WOOW. 🔥🔥🔥

  • @justshar5812
    @justshar5812 26 dias atrás +35

    Lol you’re really just gonna laugh at tomoya’s comebacks coz’ he exudes such confidence, everyone knows he can back it up with his determination and hardwork

    • @luckyk7978
      @luckyk7978 26 dias atrás +5

      yeah! And it doesn't come off as rude or arrogant, cause he's such a kind person

  • @flowerypath9130
    @flowerypath9130 26 dias atrás +13

    I've always liked Miraku's voice whether when singing or rapping, especially when Miraku lets out a little growl. I wish the best for Miraku, fighting!

  • @quielyboo
    @quielyboo 26 dias atrás +10

    Eiji-kun as member gives you that sense of security that when you get him in your team you know you're gonna do great. He has this dedication and drive very few people his age have...

    • @loveit347
      @loveit347 26 dias atrás +2

      This is so true. Seasoning team and rain boys both have eiji on their side 🏎️💨❤

  • @business5295
    @business5295 26 dias atrás +27

    Haru, Yu and Eiji absolutely CRUSHED IT!!!! that was a perfect jaw dropping performance

  • @annn_yaa
    @annn_yaa 22 dias atrás +1

    Обе команды так хорошо выступили! Мне очень понравилось 😻

  • @ivy_tae
    @ivy_tae 23 dias atrás +5

    Yu needs to debut as a leader!! He has that calming yet commanding energy! Not to mention, his hard work and talent really makes the other boys looks up to him. Haru is such a star! He killed it. And Eiji is just so naturally talented.
    The maknaes did so well too. I am so proud of them!

  • @milsleonhart
    @milsleonhart 22 dias atrás +4

    48:18 totally agree! Haru is amazing, his vocal, dance, stage presence, facial expression, emotion, charisma is perfect! He worked so hard and im so proud of u!!

  • @user-fh6sh8lw7u
    @user-fh6sh8lw7u 25 dias atrás +3

    WOW!!! I keep saying WOW!! From the start up to the end of Yu, Haru and Eiji's performance. I had goosebumps, it's really AMAZING, COOL, SEXY AND HOT 🔥. PERFECTLY SYNCHRONIZED!!❤

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 26 dias atrás +46

    YUHI, YUKI, MIRAKU FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i believe they can still do it and obtain their cubes. lol at jyp's comment on their bad luck competing with the rain boys though 😂

  • @littecally5324
    @littecally5324 26 dias atrás +45

    yuki's vocals is so good!!

  • @staynayoo9798
    @staynayoo9798 24 dias atrás +2

    Gue suka bgt haru disini mulai ekspresif, talkactive, proaktif

  • @jieanma
    @jieanma 26 dias atrás +82

    Haru' side eyes at 10:32 is hilarious 😂

    • @HaikalFikri-gn6dr
      @HaikalFikri-gn6dr 26 dias atrás +10

      "pardon???" 🤣

    • @jieanma
      @jieanma 26 dias atrás +12

      ​@@HaikalFikri-gn6drhe's like a shy virgin hearing someone calling him sexy 🤣

    • @strongbaton
      @strongbaton 26 dias atrás +10

      @@jieanma bro was so embarrassed
      I love that about him

    • @yrene2507
      @yrene2507 26 dias atrás +16

      But did you see Yuki at 41:32 ???
      His face was hilarious
      He was impressed 😂

    • @karlabatista8407
      @karlabatista8407 26 dias atrás +4

      ​@@yrene2507BROOO that was my exact reaction to the performance

  • @AbbieCiao
    @AbbieCiao 26 dias atrás +18

    Yuhi’s team did good but Yu-Eiji-Haru team killed it!! Can’t wait to see Yu-Eiji-Haru debut ❤

  • @dooseobyaoi
    @dooseobyaoi 26 dias atrás +11

    Eiji's vocals wow 💖😳 also that mickey mouse voice is killing me i get it ☔

  • @soranthings
    @soranthings 23 dias atrás +4

    I get Hyunjin's vibe from Haru, I'm sure his facial expression will improve even better in the future ❤
    Yuu's team is definitely above the standard for a survival show.
    And I'd like to praise Yuki since he's so lively and expressive!

  • @a_maze_in_kwangya6059
    @a_maze_in_kwangya6059 26 dias atrás +34

    Yu's team was too good of a match. From start to end I was levitating. The 3 of them are debuting! I can't see another way.

  • @Re-wire-brain
    @Re-wire-brain 26 dias atrás +4

    미쳤다~ 갈수록 엄청나구나!! Rain Boys~~Dae Bak!!

  • @victoriousvic23
    @victoriousvic23 26 dias atrás +6

    I have never seen anyone worked so hard before til this show from the Japan group! Amazing performances, huge improvements and beyond expectation of dedication.

  • @flowerypath9130
    @flowerypath9130 26 dias atrás +64

    Can't they show this twice a week, I can't wait to see the performance of the other teams 😭

  • @ustedifyy
    @ustedifyy 26 dias atrás +34

    Tomoya's screen time gives a main character vibe😅 I can't wait for their performance🙌🏻

  • @fckthefacts
    @fckthefacts 25 dias atrás +3

    Yuki got my attention🤩 his so kawaii maknae his visuals is an idol material same w/ yu and haru omo🥰

  • @Dhaizforcadas15
    @Dhaizforcadas15 24 dias atrás +3

    Amazing performance with this three, Yu, Haru Ejie perfect combination together 😊 rooting for you guysss..
    happy Noona here :)

  • @renny.d90
    @renny.d90 24 dias atrás +3

    yu haru eiji teamwork just on point.... they should debut together 👍🏻

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 26 dias atrás +35

    omg haru's little head shake when jpy said he already looks like a star 😭💕

  • @jeanirisortiz3226
    @jeanirisortiz3226 25 dias atrás +2

    Let me say something real quick this boys are extraordinary how each and every one of them are trying to improve and they are doing it especially Yu, Haru and Eiji ❤️ but ima be very disappointed if miraku goes home 😭 I’m telling you JYP you better not please

  • @aamusingz7692
    @aamusingz7692 25 dias atrás +2

    rain boys 🔥🔥 everything about their performance was soooo perfect!!!

  • @H4nn4h.m
    @H4nn4h.m 12 dias atrás +2

    Even I get nervous for them while watching😭 They all did so well‼️

  • @barbaramorais2286
    @barbaramorais2286 25 dias atrás +5

    I'm obssessed with Yu's team performance 😮 ai hope they can perform it live in their shows when they debut

  • @mariajosemanriquezfritz7141
    @mariajosemanriquezfritz7141 26 dias atrás +9

    My God Eiji, I am so proud of you you are a star and a luxurious car as JyP said every time you prove that you deserve your debut and haru and yuu are also proving it❤We have another NIZI STAR💫

    • @loudminds3808
      @loudminds3808 26 dias atrás

      Him backing sony music & him is U6LY right

  • @jypnationmissa84
    @jypnationmissa84 26 dias atrás +37

    I'm so happy Yu getting confident in answering JYP questions

  • @RieCeleste
    @RieCeleste 26 dias atrás +19

    Congrats to Yu's team for obtaining the second cube.
    Yuhi's team did well too. Thank you for singing Adore U by Seventeen.🙂

    • @goodyoflife
      @goodyoflife 26 dias atrás

      Finally u watch the full performance and see they didn’t do that bad with adore u

    • @RieCeleste
      @RieCeleste 26 dias atrás

      @@goodyoflife They did well for the Adore U but the second performance was a strong concept and it suited them.
      I didn't bother watching their performance since I already watch it.
      I hate the artist behind the song that Yu's team performed because of what he did to Ciipher.

    • @goodyoflife
      @goodyoflife 26 dias atrás

      @@RieCelesteokay 😊

  • @lil.mushie
    @lil.mushie 25 dias atrás +9

    Hey, you know I don't usually drop comments, but this performance seriously blew me away! I've gotta admit, you all are my absolute faves.
    Your dance really brings out the emotions in the song. Haru's clean moves and those muscles, Eiji's deep voice and impressive dance, and Yu's high notes and those expressive faces 🥰.
    It's all simply amazing! I can't stop hitting that replay button 😭😭

  • @rinnebow7789
    @rinnebow7789 26 dias atrás +40

    Both groups did great! But sadly, cool and sexy concept usually wins on survival shows because it has more impact compared to cute concept. Btw, Yu is a full package...he can cook as well. hahahaha

  • @quinnk1616
    @quinnk1616 25 dias atrás +2

    I damn near lost my mind watching the Rain Boys performance 😍🤩😍 just debut them already!!

  • @kentkenzy185
    @kentkenzy185 25 dias atrás +6

    yu, eiji and haru need to debutttt🎉🎉🎉

  • @josemelladomanriquez
    @josemelladomanriquez 21 dia atrás +2

    Eiji is so good, I´m proud of you, let´s debut💞

  • @user-pr5wm5dz7c
    @user-pr5wm5dz7c 23 dias atrás +2

    데뷰할수있는 멤버가 보이는것 같네요 다음화 기대됩니다!! 내원픽 에이지군 잘했어요😊

  • @boss-ck9lt
    @boss-ck9lt 26 dias atrás +9

    유는 시즌1 마코가 생각날정도로 실력도 1위, 연습량도 1위, 인성도 1위 인듯. 진짜 대단하다 저런애가 일반인 참가자로 들어왔다니 제왑 복받았음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    미라쿠는 연속으로 칭찬을 많이 못받아서 안타깝네. 랩이나 춤실력은 나쁘지않다고 생각하는데. 비주얼이나 체격 차이때문에 미라쿠가 떨어지려나...아무튼 하루, 유는 볼수록 잘생김👍 이 둘이 외모도 실력도 1,2등이네요

  • @davidpark7719
    @davidpark7719 26 dias atrás +61

    '유우'가 요리도 엄청 잘하고 얼굴도 잘 생겼으며 또한 아이돌로서 부족함이 없을 정도로
    재능도 뛰어난 그야말로 일본의 인재이네...인재야!
    '유우'는 데뷔할 것이 틀림이 없다고 믿어진다! 유우 화이팅! ❤❤

  • @mhewlly
    @mhewlly 26 dias atrás +8

    Yuha's team performed so well! I'm proud of them. Good luck to Yuhi, Yuki and Miraku! I will be hoping for your debut!

  • @jieanma
    @jieanma 26 dias atrás +50

    Miraku don't lose hope! Your performance improved a lot so you still have a chance to get cube based on overall ranking ❤

    • @luckyk7978
      @luckyk7978 26 dias atrás +1

      I'm so worried for him cause if he ranks last again, he has to leave 😣

  • @dinogojo947
    @dinogojo947 26 dias atrás +3

    If Eiji doesn't debut, I am going to commit arson, he's someone who always catches my eyes no matter what they do. I honestly have never loved a contestant more than BI in who's next and I think I have finally found a contender so that's saying a lot.

  • @nivispatriciarodriguezsegu8029

    I neeeed YUKI'😊s debut
    His voz its beutifull and has that power and his GLOW UP its insane❤❤❤❤

  • @howlingtv
    @howlingtv 25 dias atrás +3

    Yu and Haru are amazing

  • @robiiiiiiiiiiiii
    @robiiiiiiiiiiiii 26 dias atrás +4

    Yuhi team did great and i personally loved yuki's performance so much, but i had really high expectations for yu's team and they DID NOT disappoint

  • @Vagabonding_i_guess
    @Vagabonding_i_guess 26 dias atrás +10

    Yu’s visuals are on par with the best idols right now 😍

  • @stay5143
    @stay5143 26 dias atrás +13

    Uff Haru's and Yu's talent, effort, style and visuals are another level. They looked already idols that performed for years on stage.
    But everyone was amazing i like all of them

  • @KS-jf6ed
    @KS-jf6ed 26 dias atrás +26

    I WAS SO IMPRESSED BY THE RAIN BOYS!! it was so powerful omg. jesus. EVERYONE FIGHTING!! ❤❤❤

  • @barbaramorais2286
    @barbaramorais2286 25 dias atrás +3

    Yuhi has an amazing vibe and smile and personality that matches energetic and upbeat songs, but will he be challanged to convey other vibe?

  • @Allie83829
    @Allie83829 23 dias atrás +1

    I would have never thought that Yuhi was one of the youngest 😮 wow. But yuhi, yuki, and miraku were so good today! It was obvious that Team Yu would win bc of how good the team Yu, Eiji and Haru were. But Yuhi’s Team was so good too! ❤

  • @elianamanso532
    @elianamanso532 26 dias atrás +13

    Yu, Haru and Eiji just have to debut….
    But Yuki and Yuhi they have too, they worked so hard !!!❤❤❤

  • @user-fh6sh8lw7u
    @user-fh6sh8lw7u 25 dias atrás +1

    I'm so happy for Yuhi, in my perspective I didn't saw him shining from previous stages in Japan training camp but now he really shined and his improvement is amazing. I hope he is one of the members who will debut.❤