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Stray Kids <樂-STAR> SKZFLIX

  • Publicado em 1 Nov 2023
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <樂-STAR> SKZFLIX
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Comentários • 21 mil

  • @K0ZUME
    @K0ZUME 27 dias atrás +26291

    항상 스트레이키즈를 응원해주시는 여러분... 손을 들어주세요🖐🏻

  • @hyunjinshairband7
    @hyunjinshairband7 23 dias atrás +1010

    "Where's Yongbok?"
    and the whole fandom cried a waterfall.

  • @Abby-cb9mc
    @Abby-cb9mc 22 dias atrás +1269


  • @tonettegraceorbena6078
    @tonettegraceorbena6078 18 dias atrás +555

    When Felix said, I have to go now, it gave me chills and gave me the idea that he is indeed the time traveler in their reality

  • @froggymonsta917
    @froggymonsta917 20 dias atrás +126

    Felix appearing with wounds on his face at the end paralleling the wounds Minho appears with in the beginning and the time of day that they come to each other at being flipped is so good. It also seems like Felix is surprised when Minho reaches him like they truly are a parallel to the first scene. I think this is a back and forth for them. Felix showed up and Minho asked "who" then Felix brings up art class to wich Minho still looks confused but goes along I think if this scene at the end were to play out Felix would look up and say "who" to which Minho would respond why Felix wasn't at the showing and this would play over again but with an art focus instead. This is just a headcannon of course and I have no idea if anything I said is even remotely close but either way this was beautiful and I'd love to see more. Time to go all the way back and rewatch all the lore music videos!!!

    • @penelope205
      @penelope205 13 horas atrás

      Honestly such a good take. I can totally see that.

  • @stephaniegrove6183
    @stephaniegrove6183 17 dias atrás +335

    My brain just exploded. This was so well done. The boys have seriously good acting skills and I think they need to start a series.

  • @SayukiSuzukiMizuno
    @SayukiSuzukiMizuno 25 dias atrás +2035

    I'm crying for Changbin as overexcited character. Perfection

    • @moon_9812
      @moon_9812 23 dias atrás +47

      I'm glad somebody said it, I was looking through the comments the first time I watched this and I couldn't notice any comments about it 🥲

    • @emma4947
      @emma4947 20 dias atrás +22

      he's so cute here 🥺

  • @angelsandy8635
    @angelsandy8635 17 dias atrás +136

    Straykids is the group that has 8 rappers,8 vocalists,8dancers,8visuals and 8 actorsss

    • @elvocukoelvo3587
      @elvocukoelvo3587 17 dias atrás +4

      8? it's 7. bangchan, minho, changbin, hyunjin, jisung, seungmin and jeongin.

    • @Ashelyakachae
      @Ashelyakachae 17 dias atrás +1

      ​@@elvocukoelvo3587no there is 8 bang chan Lee know Changbin hyunjin HAN Felix Seungmin and I. N

    • @JulietStarfire
      @JulietStarfire 5 dias atrás +3

      ​@@AshelyakachaeHe/she/they intentionally left Felix out so it relates to the movie where they forgot who Felix is

    • @Ashelyakachae
      @Ashelyakachae 5 dias atrás +1

      @@JulietStarfire ya ik but there are 8 members irl right not 7

    • @StrawberrySeungminCultOnTop
      @StrawberrySeungminCultOnTop 4 dias atrás +2

      ​@@AshelyakachaeIT WAS A JOKEE

  • @_person_3157
    @_person_3157 18 dias atrás +281

    Changbins aggressive clapping is so cute 😭

  • @_Kasa_Kun_
    @_Kasa_Kun_ 20 dias atrás +322


  • @user-wu9vd8eu7e
    @user-wu9vd8eu7e 23 dias atrás +2

    댕댕이 얼굴폼 미쳤다❤❤ 덮머 넘 좋아❤❤❤

  • @zeroestefania1429
    @zeroestefania1429 3 dias atrás +7

    No podian haber mejores protagonistas para esta historia, STRAY KIDS se estan convirtiendo en todo terreno! son buenos en todo!!!

  • @Rossenfolds
    @Rossenfolds 26 dias atrás +4046

    Let's all praise Lee Know's acting. So good

    • @user-vi2si3cw4c
      @user-vi2si3cw4c 25 dias atrás +12


    • @Ekaterina....
      @Ekaterina.... 25 dias atrás +6

      What’s about another members?

    • @iviemartins4277
      @iviemartins4277 25 dias atrás +70

      ​@Ekaterina.... complimenting lee know shouldn't automatically make you complain about not talking on the others they're all greta but leeknow deserve praises for himself too

    • @roadyvvv
      @roadyvvv 24 dias atrás +3


    • @cherrylovepotionAnira
      @cherrylovepotionAnira 23 dias atrás +2

      Really stunning

  • @yel120
    @yel120 22 dias atrás +122

    Our Lee Know acting is just so perfect with the storyline and character 🥺✨ #leeknow #straykids

  • @faria9306
    @faria9306 15 dias atrás +78

    Minho ✨and Felix 🌟 wah you guys acted really grate seungmin and chan too . All of them did great. 🎉
    JYP make a series of this place 🤯

  • @Skz_lee.Know_is_my_life
    @Skz_lee.Know_is_my_life 23 dias atrás +1

    스트레이키즈 피팅 너무 사랑해요 💚

  • @Anonyme5448
    @Anonyme5448 12 dias atrás +1

    정말 대단했어요 우와!! 🤯😮

  • @shoya4292
    @shoya4292 19 dias atrás +1

    Какие молодцы, хорошо постарались😘

  • @degree244
    @degree244 27 dias atrás +3516

    Lee know is such a good actor he can express so many emotions in one single look. I hope he gets opportunities to work as an actor in dramas and movies.

    • @winged_wheels
      @winged_wheels 27 dias atrás +62

      Sure, but he can't leave forever. We'd miss him too much!

    • @stayy_skz00
      @stayy_skz00 27 dias atrás +36

      I agree!! I noticed this too.

    • @user-mc9gs3gt3r
      @user-mc9gs3gt3r 24 dias atrás +9


    • @Vor567tez
      @Vor567tez 23 dias atrás +21

      Agree. Imagine him in something like Alice in Borderland or as dark romantic lead. I hope he does one.
      He has said he isn't interested in acting. So we might not get him. 😭

    • @sara._.h
      @sara._.h 23 dias atrás +10

      frr like i loved everyone's acting, but his and felix's skills were so on point, THEY SLAYED

  • @mina9866
    @mina9866 23 dias atrás +83

    The storyline, the acting, the aesthetics, the music, it was beyond amazing. I’m honestly left speechless

  • @Jungkooks_night_apple1
    @Jungkooks_night_apple1 4 dias atrás +12

    They need they’re own Netflix show asap

  • @guisannuoficial
    @guisannuoficial 15 dias atrás +1


  • @user-de6dd5hg6l
    @user-de6dd5hg6l 23 dias atrás +2

    이건 정말 멋지다

  • @nabilabela99
    @nabilabela99 11 dias atrás +40

    I like Seungmin and Han scene's 🌳🍃🚲

  • @monicuzz
    @monicuzz 27 dias atrás +5621

    Another thing I noticed. Seungmin says this “ this time we’re gonna talk about protagonist who came to see old friends, and must go back again. We’re gonna talk about parallel worlds” this such an important line

    • @monicaskz
      @monicaskz 27 dias atrás +393

      Could it be that all we watched was Seungmin and Han's work? I mean, even the scene where Lee Know and I.N are watching the play could be part of the real play

      @IAMYOURGRANDFATHER. 27 dias atrás +127

      @monicuzz, This short film has blown my mind, and I think that line is VERY important, it all was tied somehow, and I loved it ❤

    • @amethystcrystal8326
      @amethystcrystal8326 27 dias atrás +49

      ​@@monicaskzCould be, this makes sense 😭

    • @romanfairy
      @romanfairy 27 dias atrás +288

      Ok ok ok. With this line. Felix is the protagonist who comes to see old friends but has to leave again. Im apparently missing some videos for the lore, BUT others have suggested that Lee Know is coming from the universe where he got hit by the car. So in this idea, felix is the one guiding him to the others but he cant stay in that universe, he was just there to bring them together.
      There's so many different plots that I'm not sure how everything fits together but i know this for sure felix after the film, felix is aware of the multiple universes and can likely move between them with intention. I.N has some sort of knowledge, and i think seungmin too.

    • @bablegomi
      @bablegomi 27 dias atrás +222

      i think it was yongbok who was seungmin talking about in that line, he came back to see minho-the old friend (that's why minho looks confused at first when he saw him) and then there is this line where seungmin said that "after noticing the parallel world, minho passes by his friends. and then, you'll look awesome on the screen". it was exactly what happened at the very last part. wherein minho was looking for yongbok at the film but then when he realized the parallel world, he immediately ran to find yongbok (who now cameback to where he came from, which is probably where they first met and that's where minho saw him).
      idrk, i'm bad at guessing or interpreting things smh

  • @got7_crackheads-800
    @got7_crackheads-800 16 dias atrás +8

    aaaahh we have a new rising actor: LEE MINHO!!! he can convey emotions really well through his tone and facial expressions

  • @Belinay_1189
    @Belinay_1189 12 dias atrás +1

    너무 좋았고 너무 신기하고 완벽했어요 스트레이키즈가 바라던 바로 그 모습❤️❤️

  • @Tata-Nina
    @Tata-Nina 21 dia atrás +109

    Образ Феликса несёт в себе тайну💓Это притягивает и завораживает💓 Думаю, всё прекрасно сложится, и у ребят получится нечто шедевральное🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    • @stayyy_skzlove188
      @stayyy_skzlove188 20 dias atrás +8

      ДАДАД!!!хоть кто-то русский,а то фиг поймёшь

  • @user-kg2xw3py5m
    @user-kg2xw3py5m 5 dias atrás +1

    얼마나 아름다운 창빈인가! 사랑해, 창빙! 당신은 세계 최고입니다! 행복하세요! 당신을 사랑해요!

  • @thatonemom1415
    @thatonemom1415 19 dias atrás +32

    Lee Know so talented 🥺

  • @lofi-loveskz
    @lofi-loveskz 25 dias atrás +3701

    I am seriously crying at the part where everyone says 'Who's Yongbok' STOP PLEASE IM CRYING. AND STRAY KIDS YOU HAVE SERIOUSLY OUTDONE YOURSELF IM SO PROUD

    • @stray_kids_lover143
      @stray_kids_lover143 24 dias atrás +27

      Me too cry myself it was so sad

    • @Thai_fanchun-thai.
      @Thai_fanchun-thai. 23 dias atrás +7


    • @user-fn4kt8gp4f
      @user-fn4kt8gp4f 23 dias atrás +18

      Sorry but i can't understand...why everyone act like Felix not exist??

    • @strawfaeriie
      @strawfaeriie 23 dias atrás +42

      @@user-fn4kt8gp4fit's because here in SKZFLIX Felix basically does not "exist" and people are making jokes asking "Who is Felix?" But it's honestly so annoying

    • @luvxaria3144
      @luvxaria3144 23 dias atrás +5

      Me too

  • @Stay_ELF
    @Stay_ELF 16 dias atrás +19

    1. GRACIAS por los subtítulos en Español!
    Cuando el capitulo 2? HaHa háganle serie xD

    • @karmyjannyh.j1569
      @karmyjannyh.j1569 12 dias atrás

      Hola que tal. Disculpa soy nueva siguiendo a estos bellos chicos talentosos y no conozco todas su canciones. De casualidad sabes como se llama la canción de fondo del minuto 5

    • @cyberpg3487
      @cyberpg3487 11 dias atrás

      Hola💓 Esa canción se llama Blind Spot, es del nuevo álbum Rock Star @@karmyjannyh.j1569

  • @mkc1732
    @mkc1732 3 dias atrás +2

    7:52 10:02 このタイミングでスンミンの渾身の歌声始まるの良すぎて涙出る

  • @XuNi-ci6ip
    @XuNi-ci6ip 20 dias atrás +98

    Ok but my man I.N slayed the acting ❤

  • @ursop0lar
    @ursop0lar 19 dias atrás +2


  • @shonnasmiles6156
    @shonnasmiles6156 20 dias atrás +1

    I've always said Lee Know should star in dramas and he didn't disappoint! Such a good actor and he looks so stunning in this! He's a natural

  • @honeyloveyourself
    @honeyloveyourself 27 dias atrás +3620

    For what I understand, Felix is like an angel, a friend from a parallel world only Minho can see. He came for a purpose -> helping Minho to reach his dream of becoming an actor (He's the one who initiate the walk to the point where Han and Seugmin see him, therefore is the one who reunite them). He stays in order to support Minho and when his mission comes to an end, he goes back to his reality and disappears... And Minho realizes only there that he was the only one who could see Felix, his friend and angel.
    The only thing I can't explain is why I.N seems to interact with Felix when Felix hands him the milk - maybe Minho believed it happen this way but in reality, I.N took the milk in the bag himself?
    Edit: ty so much for your likes, I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I love Stray Kids and especially my bias Hannie Jisung, our main slayer. Stay healthy, we love you 💕 Stays - I love you too!

    • @xenon2276
      @xenon2276 27 dias atrás +225

      Felix truly is an angel, irl and in skzflix XD

    • @inayaparveen7440
      @inayaparveen7440 27 dias atrás +144

      One of my favourite explanations yet!!

    • @staytinyx
      @staytinyx 26 dias atrás +96


    • @Elxivz_
      @Elxivz_ 26 dias atrás +97

      so how come hyunjin also ran to go find him if only lee know can see him?

    • @Yong.lixx_..
      @Yong.lixx_.. 26 dias atrás +147

      i think hyunjin didnt ran to find him he followed minho maybe

  • @nikitabhardwaj09
    @nikitabhardwaj09 8 dias atrás +8

    I honestly love this so much! leeknow acted so well!! and changbin was my fav here although everyone did a super great job!! hoping to see more of such content from straykids! 🤍 #stanskz

  • @_blyat
    @_blyat 20 dias atrás +50

    Stray kids 8 вижулов,8 певцов,8 танцоров,8 рэперов, так ещё и 8 актёров!

  • @nicolienhypen3177
    @nicolienhypen3177 22 dias atrás +1

    I love skz

  • @mariajosecanohoyos5250
    @mariajosecanohoyos5250 22 dias atrás

    Claro que siempre los apoyaré en todo lo que ellos hagan o quieran hacer✋

  • @Strawberrymochiii12345
    @Strawberrymochiii12345 20 dias atrás +1

    This was the most beautiful video that I've ever seen from SKZ
    And I was literally emotional by the end of it
    Thanks for making this♡

  • @multi-kpop19423
    @multi-kpop19423 27 dias atrás +8520

    THE ACTING IS ON TOP!! Straykids you’ve seriously outdone yourselves, the way it’s short but everything was understood and summarized ITS SO PERFECT! I cried when no one knew who Yongbok was…. Also why do I feel like this is somehow related to “skz lore” idk maybe it’s just me anyways I’M SO AMAZED STRAYKIDS THANK YOU FOR THIS!!

    • @lixinaa
      @lixinaa 27 dias atrás +154


    • @someonecalled_betty
      @someonecalled_betty 27 dias atrás +91

      Hopefully there's some good minsung moments
      Edit: okay wtf are a lot of people saying eww and stop about. They're literally friends and I want to see all of the members having a nice time

    • @Hyuchan-
      @Hyuchan- 27 dias atrás +439

      I think lix got in a accident with lino at the beginning since at the end lix had the wounds too so maybe he d*ed but lino still sees him and can't forget about him? idk this is a huge new level😭

    • @multi-kpop19423
      @multi-kpop19423 27 dias atrás +221

      @@Hyuchan- I seriously cried after it ended I also wondered why leeknow had scars at the beginning, maybe your right

    • @user-co2rk9gl8c
      @user-co2rk9gl8c 27 dias atrás +76

      i also started crying at that part

  • @Linos1Nonly
    @Linos1Nonly 23 dias atrás +1

    This beats all the kdrama out there. Best of the best istg. Is so wholeheartedly wholesome and emotional❤ (Kinda cried some) Lee know looks amazing my bias wrecker❤❤. Counting down the days till part two🎉

  • @uzmach5039
    @uzmach5039 18 dias atrás +1

    The little 'cut!' by Hannie is soooooooooo CUTE!!! ❤❤❤

  • @Senhora-Park
    @Senhora-Park 16 dias atrás +1

    Lee Know é maravilhoso!❤

  • @hyunjin_8878
    @hyunjin_8878 18 dias atrás +3

    There has to be a second part, I'm excited 😭💋

  • @himawariouzumaki
    @himawariouzumaki 23 dias atrás +1

    ✋ moi je l'ai préférés plus que tout monde courage les garçons on vous aime fort stay❤❤❤❤

  • @Izsuii
    @Izsuii 27 dias atrás +4483

    waited for like 2 years for skzflix only for it to be 10 mins😭 BUT HEY THATS OKAY WE FINALLY GOT IT LMAO

    • @Seungminsrightnostril
      @Seungminsrightnostril 27 dias atrás +182

      I was really hoping for it to be longer...
      Its really good tho 😻

    • @l.1696
      @l.1696 27 dias atrás +140


    • @Seungminsrightnostril
      @Seungminsrightnostril 27 dias atrás +109

      Its good but im kinda disappointed by the shortness of it...

    • @skzftw2489
      @skzftw2489 27 dias atrás +132

      I mean u do realise their schedule is so packed, id expect it to have dropped in 2024

  • @chiptake
    @chiptake 23 dias atrás +30


  • @H_x_F
    @H_x_F 12 dias atrás +35

    I'M OBSESSED! y'all should actually make a movie abt skz being a friend group in a high school.

  • @book_and_Skzoo
    @book_and_Skzoo 10 dias atrás +2

    스트레이키즈 사랑해요

  • @cileklibrowni6869
    @cileklibrowni6869 20 dias atrás +2

    Çoooooooook güzel olmuş stray kids ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • @peychavezsimbron
    @peychavezsimbron 21 dia atrás +10

    Literal goosebumpsss! Stray kids is not just your kpop idol but great actors too! huhu skz's growth is amazing!! HONESTLY I CANT WAIT FOR THE 8 OF YOU TO ALSO APPEAR IN MOVIES AND DRAMAS! ❤❤❤

  • @nacejilixchan__1307
    @nacejilixchan__1307 27 dias atrás +3028

    樂-STAR - 100%
    VOCAL - 100%
    VISUAL - 100%
    STAYs - 100%
    STYLE - 100%
    STAY, StrayKids는 이 새 앨범을 위해 열심히 일했다. 그들의 컴백을 지원하기 위해 나와 함께 있니?

  • @marcus-lx5eb
    @marcus-lx5eb 23 dias atrás +1

    This is the best thing I've seen all day, such an amazing job I was genuinely speechless and I still am, my mind is racing GREAT JOB HONESTLY!! 😭💗💗💗💗

  • @yoru.thulung
    @yoru.thulung 10 dias atrás +26


  • @ezelucy
    @ezelucy 23 dias atrás

    This is so perfect they are playing their roles like perfect actors. I feel like I'm watching a real movie.👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥

  • @emo_evok
    @emo_evok 16 dias atrás +1

    Just what has happened already. This is so confusing and I have mix feelings but this is perfect. We need actor straykids . They're fire🔥. An the plot line is awesome

  • @blinkmultifandom3864
    @blinkmultifandom3864 17 dias atrás +40

    I was totally😨 shoked at the end when others said who is youngbook .😭 such a climax 🫡🥺😭
    Btw who wants a ep 2 or a part 2 of this

  • @sherrimorgan3627
    @sherrimorgan3627 27 dias atrás +1852

    We need a full-length Stray Kids K-drama right now!! 🤣 They did so well with acting!!! It made me think about Fight Club and that maybe Felix is just in Lee Know's mind.

  • @mattiedixon3855
    @mattiedixon3855 17 dias atrás +1

    OMLLL that was amazing it needs to get turned into a series ASAP and absolutely love the concept too 😭🫶

  • @anettecrz
    @anettecrz 23 dias atrás +14


  • @puterishine9626
    @puterishine9626 23 dias atrás +1

    Waaaahhhh i really like them

  • @ShivalikaSingh
    @ShivalikaSingh 15 dias atrás +9

    OMG! I'm really just speechless about their acting. It felt so real and the concept and the story along with everything was just incredible. The thing prior to mention is that their 'acting', it was just amazing. I was checking the fact again and again throughout the whole film that "Are they really the idols? Am I really watching idols' short film?"

  • @user-sg4kq2kg8d
    @user-sg4kq2kg8d 17 dias atrás +1

    Their acting us just amazing 🎉❤

  • @mari_0602
    @mari_0602 26 dias atrás +511


  • @Amy-ec1kx
    @Amy-ec1kx 4 dias atrás +4

    I would be so into this as a complete series.

  • @kui.236
    @kui.236 14 dias atrás


  • @4you2C
    @4you2C 19 dias atrás +1

    Their acting is very good 👍🏻

  • @Sunlilibi
    @Sunlilibi 23 dias atrás +1

    Finally found the emotional time to watch this and just WOW -- thank you so much for this its beautiful not being dramatic when I say I got teary-eyed at the "who's yongbok" that plus the music omg almost had me haha.

  • @venti969
    @venti969 23 dias atrás

    Necesito continuación 😢

  • @YOLOre
    @YOLOre 27 dias atrás +433

    is it just me, or is the chemistry between Felix and Lee know just too good

  • @damii_offcl
    @damii_offcl 22 dias atrás

    это потрясающе !!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • @user-gx1yu9dp3p
    @user-gx1yu9dp3p 22 dias atrás +2

    Я РЫДАЮ, я реально до последнего думала, что Феликс реален, увидела спойлеры в вк, но упорно не хотела в это верить.
    Как де это все прекрасно выглядит, игра мемберов и сама конструкция фильма, я в восторге с истории Феликса и Минхо, честно. Это очень трогательно.
    Но больше всего мне понравился Бинни, это чудо просто. А то как макне успокаивает своего хена, что бы тот не хлопал в ладоши!
    Просто ходячий мем!
    С каждым разом ребята радуют нас таким контентом, я реально счастлива, что застенила эту группу💔💔

    • @celinastrada7963
      @celinastrada7963 19 dias atrás

      Yo aún no entiendo por completo podrías explicarme más o menos que pasa realmente?

    • @user-gx1yu9dp3p
      @user-gx1yu9dp3p 19 dias atrás

      @@celinastrada7963лично как я поняла- У Минхо не было друзей, и в один момент он сам придумал себе образ Феликса. Тоесть кроме Минхо Феликса никто не видел. Но на самом деле я уверена, что этот фильм связан с другими тематическими клипами, но я смотрела не все, так что мои полномочия все

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      Sorry for bothering but this is part 1 right?

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    • @Daisy-...
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      @@IDK-yv5ynl don't understand you

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      I agree

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      They're the most sweet amazing talented ppl ive seen
      Watching them have a good time makes me happy ❤

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    • @HGrigoriadi
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      Exactly! His presence is captivating!

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    SKZ are so talented, not just in dance and song vocals rap visuals but also acting. It’s amazing. And those songs from five star are so perfect for this film
    And I say all of them need to get a chance to be actors! They would totally rule whatever movie show etc they were cast in

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    Теперь мне нужен полнометражный фильм или сериал на этой основе, пошла пересматривать их клипы, может поможет все связать воедино, интриганты

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    They're all so... themselves, I love it! It's so cool how they were hinting about parallel worlds and then to have Minho run back to where he first saw Felix, and have Felix with brusies/cuts on his face instead of Minho. Wild.

  • @nutella3510
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    Felix was Minho's guardian angel 😭 He was worried to see Minho fighting and missing classes, then guided him to where Han and Seungmin would find him, and encouraged him to accept the roll. My minllix 😻❤

  • @user-lb6mz5hd8v
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    For me who's dream is to be an actor it felt so nice and warm when minho explained why he want to be an actor
    "I want to be free" "and i can become anyone" that felt so deep down to my core

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      @@B-L-I-N-K1 What? wdym? why can't I express what i feel ?

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      @@rapseungmo8167 but it’s rude

    • @rapseungmo8167
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      @@B-L-I-N-K1 it's just how I feel sorry i can't change that.

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      @@B-L-I-N-K1 ofc a blackpink fan is saying this. She/he aint committing some illegal mass murders by cursing 💀

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    Stray kids In every comeback they always prove that they are the best. Oh my God, how much I love them 💜😭